The Man Who Fell To Us

david bowie

Bowie was our hero. I seriously doubt we’d be making music without him. A queer hero alien being goblin king from the outer cosmos has moved onto the next dimension and that is ok. We will be blasting his music as loud as we can today to give thanks but then again, we do that most days. Miss you David, you were truly one of us.

He was there from the start of my life and he will be there till the very end. Wherever I look in popular culture, he was there. Whether it be as the goblin king in Labyrinth or the boy in the Snowman or the fact that you were both my parents favourite musician and was constantly been played in our house since ever.

He pushed the notion of identity and self as far as it could go and at great risk and consequently paved the way for all manner of queer freaks to express themselves. It’s easy to smash the binaries when you’ve landed from outer space. We need mythology. My mother said he brought the world into colour and then there’s the looks! No one has ever looked better. The Man Who Fell to Earth is just a sequence of the best looks ever known to earth kind.

To me, he was bigger than the Beatles, bigger than the Stones, bigger than anything else. Such a legacy of amazing music. Low is my favourite album but it’s impossible to choose. Though I am all tears and snot right now, I will feel stronger tomorrow. I dyed my hair orange last night before I heard the news. This was NO coincidence. You’re not alone!


– Leo (and by proxy, the rest of Boy With Wings)