Delta of Venus

Finally our video for the new single Delta of Venus has been released.

The video was directed and shot by Thomas Doherty over three weekends, during a six month period in Birmingham and London, with assistance from Meg Lavender. It features the track Delta of Venus, written and performed by Boy with Wings, recorded and mixed by Leo Francisco and mastered by Skye Mastering.

The video stars: Sean Francis Burns, Thomas Doherty, Leo Fransisco, Meg Lavender, Andrew Palmer, Minnie Casey, Nuke Eden, Jack Appleyard, Oozing Gloop, James Lawrence Slattery, Caliesse Witham, Leffe Crumlowe, Jender Anomie, Christoper Whitfield, Katie Dalle Valle, Tutti Frutti, Toni Tits, Miki Kaspruk, Kevin Joseph Bailor, Amelia Sophie Webb, Kevin Brennan, Alex Nichols, Alexandre Simões and Roseana Cade.

Massive thanks to everyone involved!! We hope you love it as much as we do.