Boy With Wings will be performing at Camposphere at Resistance Gallery on 7th May 2016. The event is a fundraiser for London Friend, a LGBT+ charity provding free health and wellbeing support to the community.

Saturday 7th May 2016

Resistance Gallery

265 Poyser Street 

Bethnal Green


E2 9RF

£6 before 10.30pm / £9 afterwards 

Facebook Event

Interview With The Organisers

Beyond Borders

Subway Punx

We're DJing at the closing party of Beyond Borders, a week long series of events in repsonse to the refugee crisis. All the money raised by the collective will go towards refurbished bikes, equipment and training for migrants and refugees living in Birmingham to aid mobility for the community.

We'll be playing alongside our fellow aliens Aphex Twink and Pirate Bae. It's not to be missed!

Saturday 16th April 2016

7-11pm but checkout what's going  on earlier in the day. Afterparty at Nightingales perhaps.

Centrala Cafe

Minerva Works

Birmingham B5 5RS

Checkout the full Beyond Borders programme:

Tender Repetitions Of Life

Our new single Tender Repetitions has been released! You can download it for free from our Bandcamp or Soundcloud

The Tracklisting is:

1. Tender Repetitions

2. Illegal Walls

3.  Tender Repetitions (Glamourous Showbar Remix) 

Please consider donating to us via a Bandcamp purchase. It will help to support our further work :)

In and Out of Love

Hey everyone, we're back. Here's a little cover of Fallin' by Alicia Keys that we recorded a while back in a shamanic haze. A little present for you all before we start releasing tracks from our next album.